Dodge Durango in Tx is 360 times better than a horse


Dodge Durango in Tx

The Dodge Durango is built string with an available 360 hp V8 engine. Oh, it also has a glove box that will easily fit 2 full turkey sandwiches and up to 70 packs of gum.

Looking for an SUV that has a glove box that can hold 2 turkey sandwiches and 70 packs of gum? What about a rear seat that folds flat and is perfect for sax (saxophone, of course)? Then the 2014 Dodge Durango in Tx is the SUV for you. Ok, those are a few of the jokes taken from the hilarious Ron Burgundy (played by comedian Will Ferrell) commercials.

Seriously, though. A Durango from Dodge in Lake Jackson dealerships like Don Davis Dodge offers enough conveniences to blow your mind. But besides the roomy interior, this baby also offers the power and performance you expect from a Dodge. How about a best-in-class available V8 HEMI engine with 360 horsepower — which is, as Ron Burgundy points out, 360 times more powerful than a horse. The standard V6 Pentastar engine is no slouch, either, and cranks out 295 hp.

The 2014 Dodge Durango in TX also boasts a class-best towing capacity of 6,200 pounds with the V6 and 7,400 with the available V8 engine. So you can tow a trailer full of horses to prove how much stronger than them the Durango is.

I know what you’re thinking… Best-in-class power must mean it’s a gas guzzler? Nope, not at all. In fact, the Durango from Dodge in Lake Jackson dealers offers top-of-the-class fuel efficiency too, with up to 25 miles per gallon from the V6 engine and 23 mpg on the highway from the V8.

If all of this blows your mind, then why not schedule a test drive online today and arrange to visit Don Davis Dodge at 214 West Hwy 332 in Lake Jackson, Tx, and come see for yourself if you indeed can fit two full turkey sandwiches in the Durango’s standard glove box.

2015 Dodge Challenger in TX will be fastest muscle car ever

2015 Dodge Challenger in Tx

The 2015 Dodge Challenger will feature an 6.2-liter HEMI Hellcat engine capable of 707 horsepower and record-fast times verified by the National Hot Rod Association.

Have a need for speed? Dodge invites you to prepare yourself to enter a new era of powerful muscle cars when the 2015 Dodge Challenger in Tx hits Dodge in Lake Jackson dealerships, like Don Davis Dodge, later this year. I promise you, bragging rights will come easy with the Challenger’s 6.2-liter HEMI SRT Hellcat engine.

So what’s the big deal, you ask? The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the fastest muscle car ever with a National Hot Rod Association-certified ¼-mile elapsed time of 11.2 seconds at 125 miles per hour with stock tires. With drag radials, the run dropped to just 10.8 seconds at 126 mph. Check out this video to watch it happen.

The fastest muscle car on record will also be the most powerful muscle car ever, because the 2015 Challenger in Tx will deliver an amazing 707 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque. The historical milemarkers will continue in the fact that this will be the first factory supercharged HEMI.

The new 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will look a little different from the 2014 models thanks to some minor tweaks and adjustments. Inside the cabin, the muscle coupe is peppered with performance-enhancing technologies, and under the hood it will include the new TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic transmission or six-speed manual transmission.

Be sure to keep your eye out for the 2015 Challengers to arrive at Don Davis Dodge, then schedule a test drive online to be one of the first to take this revolutionary muscle car for a quick trip around the block…and, with its 707 hp, I do mean quick.

Dodge Charger in Tx shows its Defiance


Dodge Charger Lake Jackson

Several Dodge models have been adapted to accommodate the SyFy show Defiance.

Now that the hit SyFy show Defiance has returned for its second season, it’s time again to consider a few of the cars featured in the futuristic show. Dodge dealers in Lake Jackson notes that Dodge has lended a few models like a Dodge Charger in Tx and a Dodge Challenger as prominent vehicles in the series.

Defiance is a science fiction show that debuted in the spring of 2013, and is correlated to a video game of the same name released at the same time. Dodge has the ultimate tie-in with its vehicles, the Challenger and Charger being featured in both the television show and video game. Don Davis Dodge released a commercial late this spring showing how the Charger is a defiant vehicle. In the spot, we see as it goes from present day, survives the apocalypse and an alien invasion.

Toward the end of the first season of Defiance, the main character, Joshua Nolan’s, Dodge Chargers start receiving more attention and become characters of their own. These Chargers are modified versions of the vehicles on the market today, with a grittier, tougher appearance as well as the ability to outrun aliens. The multiplayer online video game directly impacts the show, just like the show impacts the video game. This is the first time that a television show and a video game have coexisted in a shared universe, influencing and impacting each other.

Dodge dealers in Lake Jackson note that where the show features a Dodge Charger, the video game highlights the Challenger. Both the Charger and the Challenger are recently revitalized muscle cars from the 1960s and 70s. While these cars have been modernized with their reintroduction, they still have the same love of speed, powerful and performance that made them instantly popular when the debuted.

Don Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram notes that the Dodge Charger in Tx is four-door sedan with an aggressive front-end styling and a coupe like appearance. The Charger is a standard rear-wheel drive vehicle that is available as all-wheel drive, depending on trim. There are five trim levels: SE, SXT, R/T, SRT8 and SRT8 Superbee. The trim levels are paired with a corresponding high performance engine, SE and SXT come standard with a 3.5-liter V6 that gets 292 horsepower, while the R/T comes standard with a 370-hp 5.7-liter V8. The SRT8 gets a 470-hp 6.4-liter V8 engine, both the R/T and SRT8s are available with a Super Track Pak for superior driving performance.

The Dodge Challenger is more like it’s predecessor than the Charger. The Challenger still features a similar appearance and plenty of brawn. The Dodge Challenger is available in three trim levels: SXT, R/T and SRT8 392. The base SXT comes with a 3.6-liter V6 that cranks out 305-horsepower while paired with a five-speed automatic transmission. The R/T receives a 372-hp 5.7-liter V8 with a five-speed automatic, of 376-hp when paired with a six-speed manual. The behemoth SRT8 392 comes standard with a 6.4-liter V8 that cranks out 470-hp, available with either a five-speed automatic or a six-speed manual.

*While we make every effort to ensure the data listed here is correct, there may be instances where some of the options or vehicle features may be listed incorrectly as we get data from multiple data sources. PLEASE MAKE SURE to confirm the details of this vehicle with the dealer to ensure its accuracy.

Dodge Challenger in Tx combines brawn, brains and beauty

Dodge Challenger in Tx

The Dodge Challenger looks and feels like a muscle car, but has plenty of technology to give it a modern feel.

A Dodge Challenger in Tx has it all. It is a modern sports car with retro muscle car design that provides performance, looks and practicality all in one package.

It’s got power. A lot of power.

Muscle cars are all about power – the sounds of revving engine and the smell of burning rubber. Providing the power for the 2014 Challenger from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealer like Don Davis Dodge is the famed V8 HEMI engine, which delivers a thrilling 375 horsepower. So, it’s got more than enough giddyup to get your blood pumping while passing the family cars and minivans in the slow lane. Don’t worry, the V6 also packs a not-so-bad-yourself punch of 305 horsepower.

And, as a bonus to buyers, a 2014 Dodge Challenger in Tx just so happens to be the lowest priced V8 coupe in America.

It’s got room

Dodge’s marketing slogan for the 2014 Challenger says it is “built by car guys for car guys.” Meaning, power and performance take precedence in this modern icon with a vintage look. It’s not really built to carry the groceries, but it will do it. It’s plenty spacious. In fact, a Challenger from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealer is the only vehicle in its class to offer room enough for five passengers to sit comfortably. So yeah, it’ll carry your groceries and a lot more.

It’s got smarts, too

Though its classic look has remained largely intact, the new 2014 Dodge Challenger has embraced technology. Thus, it can be called both strong and smart. A 2014 Challenger from Don Davis Chrysler Dodge Jeep can make even the geeky look cool with standard conveniences like Sirius Radio, Bluetooth wireless technology for hands free phone and music functionality, an input for mobile devices and a USB port and more.

It’s economical and efficient

But buying a 2014 Challenger won’t just make you look cool — it’ll make you look smart, too.  More than half of the seven available trims of the Challenger start at about $30,000 or less. And, while the V8 and V6 engines give you get-up-and-go by the bucket load, those engines are relatively light drinkers at the gas stations. A Dodge Challenger in Tx will get you 26 miles per gallon on the highways and about 19 mpg on the city streets, so there’s no big tradeoff when efficiency meets power and performance.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a test drive online and then race into Don Davis Dodge 214 West Hwy 332 in Lake Jackson, Texas today to take a 2014 Dodge Challenger for a test drive and flex some muscles.

*MPG is based on 2014 EPA mileage estimates. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

Dodge Dart in Angleton is well “Connected”

Dodge Dart Angleton

A Dodge Dart boast sporty looks and fantastic fuel efficiency reaching and surpassing 40 mpg.

Dodge was aiming to shake up the compact car class a few years ago when it debuted the Dart. Well, just two short years later, not only is a Dodge Dart in Angleton changing the way compacts look, feel and perform — it is also racking up the awards.

Recently, this little firecracker from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealer like Don Davis Dodge when the Dart was named the 2014 Connected Car of the Year by Connected World Magazine. So now you can add leader in technology to the long list of reasons that prove a Dodge Dart breaks the mold.

Making a connection

Connected World Magazine credits the state-of-the-art available Uconnect® system, which the magazine said delivers information and entertainment “in a manner that promotes a distraction-free environment.” The Uconnect system dominates the Dart’s interior with an 8.4-in. touchscreen (biggest in its class) that features a voice command system with Bluetooth technology that allows you to make phone calls and control audio while keeping your hands and eyes where they need to be — on the wheel and on the road.

Oh, but the high tech gadgetry certainly isn’t limited to the Uconnect system. The 2014 Dart from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealer also includes a remote USB port, an SD memory card slot and an audio jack.

Born from racing

A 2014 Dodge Dart draws its inspiration from race cars, so you know it has to be fun to drive. Race-car inspired gauges combine simple with sporty and are far from the boring cookie-cutter style found in most compact cars. You’ll feel different when you sit in a Dart, particularly with the available engines that provide 160 or 184 horsepower of punch. Giddyup, horses.

The thrill of a good deal

Perhaps the best part of a 2014 Dart is its ability to stretch your dollars with fantastic fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon that keeps the savings going long after the handshake. Even the handshake on the deal can turn into a high five considering the super-low starting price of $16, 495.

Protective type

What good would a race car be if it didn’t keep you safe? Safety is another cue the Dodge Dart takes from its race-car father.  And, the Dart gets it right, too, because the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has recognized the 2014 Dodge Dart as a Top Safety Pick.

So what are you waiting for? Schedule a test drive online now and arrange a time to visit Don Davis Dodge at 214 West Hwy 332 in Lake Jackson, TX and prepare to have your mind blown with a test drive of a 2014 Dodge Dart.

Dodge Charger in Angleton still as cool as a “Duke”

Dodge Charger Angleton

The 2014 Dodge Charger is a muscle car that still has many of the same features that made it a star if the 1980s Dukes of Hazard TV show.

A fully charged muscle car, a Dodge Charger in Angleton is a cool car that challenges the status quo. But a Charger from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealership like Don Davis Dodge is more than just flexing and showing off. It’s functionally mind-blowing. It is a muscle car with four doors, enough room for your friends and a little cargo space to boot.

But while today’s Charger is quite accommodating, this beast from your Dodge dealers near Houston still has the coolness factor of its starring role in the 1980s television show The Dukes of Hazard. A 1969 Dodge Charger named “The General Lee” sped across the screen in a now-famous orange paint job with a Virginia Army flag painted on the top and doors welded shut so people had to climb in through the windows. And who could forget the General Lee’s signature horn belting out the first few notes of the Southern classic “Dixie” as it tore up dirt roads and launched itself over small creeks.

The General Lee

A 2014 Dodge Charger in Angleton still boasts a bold look with scalloped doors, a wide hood and a sculpted body for a chiseled look. It’s identifiable for anyone who has seen the Dukes of Hazard.

Ok, so muscles are great. But stamina is even better. Today, a Charger from Dodge dealers in Houston have a V6 engine with 292 horsepower that will roar down the road and wave mockingly as it passes gas stations flaunting its best-in-class 31 miles per gallon fuel efficiency. A V8 HEMI engine boasting 370 horsepower is also available for those who need even more power.

Today’s Charger is no relic, for sure. It’s loaded with tech like available navigation from an 8-plus inch touchscreen, voice command capability with Bluetooth tech, a rear view camera and a key fob that allows for opening doors without pressing a button.

The best part of all this? Well, it’s downright affordable, too! You can crawl in through the window of a 2014 Charger from a Dodge in Lake Jackson dealer for a very reasonable starting price of under $26,500.

What are you waiting for? Schedule a test drive online now and make arrangements to visit Don Davis at 214 West Hwy 332 in Lake Jackson, Texas, to test drive a Charger and flex. Just try not to pull a muscle rushing here.

Dodge Dart in Asheboro makes compact cars cool again

Dodge Dart Asheboro

A Dodge Dart in Asheboro shakes up the compact car class with fantastic fuel efficiency, an engine with some punch and sharp design inspired by race cars.

In the market for a compact car, but are hoping to avoid the mostly boring and bland models that have come to comprise this sector? Sounds like you need to check out a Dodge Dart in Asheboro from Asheboro Dodge. This new kid on the compact car block will blow up boring… and will blow you mind.

A race car is its father

Its punchy engine and race-car inspired cabin will definitely shake things up and make driving a compact car fun and cool. In fact, the inaugural Dart model (2013) was recognized as the “Coolest New Car Under $18,000” from Kelley Blue Book®.

So where does a Dodge Dart in Asheboro get its coolness? Well, like I said before, the Dart is inspired by race cars. And who doesn’t think race cars are cool? Exactly! So that’s why this little dynamo from Dodge in High Point and other NC locations stuffs its sporty cabin full of cool-looking gadgets that are both cool-looking and functional.

Race cars have to have some giddyup, no? Absolutely yes, so the Dart installs spirited engines that provide 160 or 184 horsepower to give you plenty of get-up-and-go for the passing lane. Hey, at least you can pretend you’re a race car driver.

Dart’s got your back

And, race cars are designed to protect in case of a crash, so a Dodge Dart in Asheboro is also designed to keep you safe and sound — just in case. But don’t just take my word for it. Take it from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), which recognized the 2014 Dodge Dart as a Top Safety Pick designation.

Stretching fuel…and your dollars

But perhaps the best aspect of this revolutionary little car is the bottom line. The 2014 Dodge Dart helps you keep your wallet fat and your heart content. How does it do that, you ask? Try on a ridiculously affordable starting price of $15,995 and then fantastic fuel efficiency of 40 miles per gallon that keeps the savings coming long after the handshake and the sale.

Now, doesn’t that blow your mind? Good. Now schedule a test drive online and arrange a time to visit Asheboro Dodge at 1709 E. Dixie Dr. in Asheboro, NC to take the Dart for a spin around the block.

Show your Defiance with the 2014 Dodge Challenger Asheboro

I don’t know how many of you watch or play Defiance, but I will be talking to the geeks out there today. On the show or in the game, there’s plenty of cool toys to play with, if you’re not about to be killed by aliens (or humans, you never can tell). From spaceships to all sorts of alien artifacts, the coolness really doesn’t end. Of all the cool things I’ve seen on the show, there’s only one thing that you can actually acquire at Asheboro Car Dealerships now – the Dodge Challenger.

2014 Dodge Challenger at Asheboro Dodge

That’s right, you can show your defiance with a 2014 Dodge Challenger Asheboro before the alien invasion. (Oops, um SPOILER ALERT.) Of course, these cars are powered by gasoline and not the fancy alien technology on the show, but sometimes you have to make do with what you can get. And, brother, what you can get on the 2014 Dodge Challenger Asheboro is impressive.

Let’s start with the incredible good looks you get standard. You won’t find anything better-looking on any lot at Asheboro Car Dealerships. With a selection of hot colors including Header Orange, Redline Red and Phantom Black, you’re sure to turn heads driving down the street. Pair that with snappy racing stripes and sculpted twin hood scoops, and you’ve got a winner.

Of course, good looks only help so much when you’re on the run from the Earth Republic or the hum-drum of the workweek. The 2014 Dodge Challenger Asheboro at Asheboro Dodge Dealer has that angle covered too. Challenger is available with the famed 5.7L HEMI V8. That will bag you 375 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. Couple that with Fuel Saver Technology, and you’ve got a great team. Of course, you can opt for the Super Track Pak, which comes with performance-tuned steering, a stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, Goodyear Eagle Supercar tires and three-mode Electronic Stability Control, and know that you’ll be the baddest thing on the road.

Brawn is useless without the brains to use it properly. So don’t think that the 2014 Challenger isn’t one of the smartest cars at Asheboro Car Dealerships. Challenger’s tech features are as robust and savvy as you’d expect. Frankly, it’s the smartest muscle car around. It comes from Asheboro Dodge Dealer with available real-time traffic updates, movie times and locations, weather information, sports headlines and scores and gas prices and station locations. Uconnect Voice Command with Bluetooth even lets you have control of many of these features without making you take your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

You Asheboro Dodge Dealer has a selection of these mean machines in stock now. You can test drive one (At a safe highway speed. No stunt driving until you buy it, please.) by visiting them today at 1709 East Dixie Drive in Asheboro. You can even schedule a test drive online to make sure somebody’s ready for you when you arrive. Whatever you choose to do, defy your everyday and head down to Asheboro Dodge today.

Citizens of Asheboro Car Dealerships gather to Commemorate Civil rights

Asheboro Car Dealerships, NC is a city full of history and heritage. It has been involved in many important milestones in American history, including the Civil Rights movement of the last 50 years. Asheboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram was the scene 50 years ago of pivotal moment in the movement when 60 people were arrested for protesting for their right to eat at two restaurants in the downtown area. These were places they were banned from because of the color of their skin. Those sort of protests help progress the cause of equality in America and pass the Civil Rights Act. Read on to learn about the rich history of Asheboro Dodge Dealer, NC.

This week thousands of Americans will gather on the National Mall in Washington DC to remember the original march during the Civil Rights movement 50 years ago. Citizens of Asheboro Car Dealerships, NC also held their own march, Saturday morning, at the sight of the pivotal protest mentioned about in the Piedmont. A historical marker was placed at the protest sight in Asheboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram to commemorate the Civil Rights moment. The marker sits on Sunset Avenue in front of Hop’s Bar-B-Que to honor the 120 people that participated in the movement on January 27, 1964. Out of the 120 protesters, 60 were arrested by Asheboro Dodge Dealer police and taken to jail. Their brave determination in the face of persecution helped steel the resolve of Civil Rights leaders across America, and continued the cause to this day.

The Asheboro Car Dealerships, NC protests were part of the larger Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s that saw the integration of white and black Americans in areas of the South that once prohibited it. Despite opposition and slow moving litigation, Civil Rights leaders organized peaceful protests to further the cause of equality, much like this protest in Asheboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram.

Today the city of Asheboro Dodge Dealer is a fully integrated community, which appreciates the hard work of Civil Rights leaders that came before them. It is a vibrant society that respects all nationalities and hard working Americans.


*While we make every effort to ensure the data listed here is correct, there may be instances where some of the options or vehicle features may be listed incorrectly as we get data from multiple data sources. PLEASE MAKE SURE to confirm the details of this vehicle with the dealer to ensure its accuracy.

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When a car dealership is a part strong part of their local community, perspective customers perceive the dealership as being incredible trustworthy before walking into the dealership. This is the case with your New Car Dealers in Asheboro, Asheboro Dodge. Asheboro Dodge works hard to make their presence know, as a trusted member of the Asheboro and surround areas community. Asheboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram sponsors a Carolina Panther’s ticket giveaway at every Asheboro high school home football game. In fact, Asheboro Dodge gives away tickets to four lucky winners at each game.

Ashbeoro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

When looking for a new or pre-owned car in Asheboro you have several Asheboro Car Dealerships to pick from. Why wouldn’t you want to start your new car search at a dealership you trust, who has you’ve seen out and about in the community? Your Asheboro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership has a large inventory of new and quality previously owned vehicles. Asheboro Dodge invites you to take a moment to look around their website, you can view their entire inventory of new and used vehicles online, from the comfort of your own home. If you see a vehicle that you’d like to take for a test drive, let us know and we’ll schedule a time for you to come on by!

Asheboro Dodge is proud to offer you a better car buying experience. Their no-nonsense, hassle free car buying experience is made to make you comfortable. From the moment you meet the sales staff to when you sit down with the finance team, your Asheboro Car Dealership wants you to be comfortable. You can take control of your finances by figuring out your credit score and what types of rates are available before finding your next car by filling out our online pre-approval application.

The service department at Asheboro Dodge is here for you whether your car needs a quick oil change or it’s 60,000-mile check-up. Our ASE Certified factory trained technicians are standing by to assist you with all of your automotive needs.

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*While we make every effort to ensure the data listed here is correct, there may be instances where some of the options or vehicle features may be listed incorrectly as we get data from multiple data sources. PLEASE MAKE SURE to confirm the details of this vehicle with the dealer to ensure its accuracy.
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